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Why Choose Madison Real Estate & Property Management


When it comes to property management in Spokane, you have a lot of choices. But it’s hard to find another company that can match our experience, our passion, and our commitment to your investment property. Our team is experienced in the local real estate market, and we keep up with the trends and the management best practices. You can rely on us for excellence.

Spokane Property Management:


Spokane Property Management:

Services You Can Trust

Our reputation is for marketing homes brilliantly, placing well-qualified tenants, and protecting the condition of your asset so it’s ready to sell when you’re ready. Whether your property is in the city, the suburbs, or some of our more rural communities, we’re there to set the best rent, screen for the best tenants, and keep up with maintenance and repairs so your property earns you the ROI you’re hoping to attain.

 Full Service Property Management:


Excellent tenant placement starts with excellent marketing. Our extensive advertising ensures your home rents quickly, for the top price, to the best tenants. We’ll screen all applicants meticulously, ensuring only tenants with a record of paying rent on time and

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taking care of properties are placed in your home. We’ll protect your rental income and your asset.

 Professional Property Management:


There’s a lot of liability that comes with owning rental property. We mitigate a lot of that risk for you. Landlord tenant laws are always changing, and it’s easy to find yourself in front of a judge or facing a lawsuit. We put a legally compliant lease in place, and then we enforce it.

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We’ll help you avoid legal hassles and potential pitfalls.

Residential Property Management:

Customer Service

From high quality maintenance to fast response times, Madison Real Estate and Property Management is a leader in customer service. We treat our owners with the respect and urgency that their investments require, and we treat our tenants like the paying customers they

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are.We want to provide a stable, comfortable rental home for the people who rent from us, and we’ve learned that happy tenants make for happy landlords.

15 Critical Questions to Ask a Property Management Company


An image of a two story house with greenery in front of it.Madison Real Estate and Property Management can provide property management for a house like this

What type of services, knowledge, and level of expertise does a Property Management company have? Click to download our guide to asking the right questions when choosing a Property Management Company to manage your rental properties.

Spokane Property Management:



At Madison Real Estate & Property Management, we make sure our tenants have all the information they need to find the right property and have a successful rental experience. We’re with you throughout the leasing and application process, and we’re available after you’ve moved into your new home.

Current Tenants

Current tenants can access much of what they need online. We use technology to make renting from us efficient and hassle-free. Pay rent online, or submit maintenance requests. Look for answers to some of the most common questions we hear, or contact us for additional help.

Future Tenants

We hope you’ll find a property that you love on the Madison Real Estate and Property Management website. Once you’re ready to apply, we’ll talk to you about our requirements and take you through the process. Then, we’ll settle on a time to sign the lease and move you into your new home.

An inside image of a very well furnished and organised house.
An image of a two story house with greenery in front of it.Madison Real Estate and Property Management can provide property management for a house like this

I Love Madison. I’ve lived at one of their properties for well over a year and they have been great to me. Anytime I ever had an issue, they got back to me immediately and they are constantly making sure that everything at my apartment is working and in good order. If I ever move out, I will certainly look at their other properties.


Areas We Serve


  • Spokane
  • Spokane Valley
  • Liberty Lake
  • Colbert
  • Veradale
  • Medical Lake
  • Greenacres
  • Airway Heights


  • Manito
  • Garland
  • Perry District
  • Kendall Yards
  • Country Homes
  • Dishman-Mica
  • Glenrose
  • Shadle
  • Eagle Ridge
  • Audubon-Downriver
  • Five Mile Prairie
  • Indian Trail
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Comstock
  • Moran Prairie
  • Ponderosa
  • Meadowwood
  • Riverwalk
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What People Are Saying About Us

4.8 /5
562 Reviews

Jul 10, 2020
Madison Real Estate and Property Management Laura
Pam is professional and compassionate.
Jul 5, 2020
Google Madison Real Estate and Property Management Shon
Had a great experience with Madison they were very responsive, Pam is very helpful and very nice! Love our rental home we had a great move in very stress free 🙂
Jun 29, 2020
Google Madison Real Estate and Property Management Jesse
Mrs. Pamela dibbles was so amazing and informative in helping my daughter and I move in and relocate from California she was quick easy and answered any and all questions that I had and she gave me the opportunity when nobody else would. I would recommend this place this real estate company to anybody anytime anywhere..... The best part was I've got to do everything from the comfort of my phone the only time I ever had to go in was the pick up my keys thank you Madison real estate and Mrs Pamela dibels and the young ladies who run the office you guys are amazing keep doing what you do cauce You're doing the most good Sincerely Jesse burke
Jun 11, 2020
Google Madison Real Estate and Property Management Tristan
So far I have loved renting from Madison Real Estate and Property Management! They are very thorough, professional, and have made moving into my new home easy and efficient! Their online portal is very user friendly, and the best thing is that they are very quick to respond to any questions!
May 27, 2020
Madison Real Estate and Property Management Tristan
Very professional and kind staff! Loved the format and operations of the website. Very user friendly. The viewing of the property was wonderful. All my questions were answered and the place was in great condition! Hope you work with you guys soon!

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with Madison RE & PM, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Madison Real Estate and Property Management

910 N. Washington Street, Suite #107
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 465-9052

Owner FAQs

Why do I need to add Madison Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. to my hazard insurance policy as an additional insured? Why isn’t listing Madison Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. as additional/insurable interest enough?


25 Questions and Hints on Selecting the Right Property Manager for you.


Can you help us with a lease/purchase or lease/option to buy?


How much do you charge?


Do you charge a setup fee?


Can I use my own contractors for repairs?


What is your advertising and tenant lead generation procedure?


Who pays for advertising?


Do you have a website and can tenants apply online?


Who pays for advertising?


Do you have virtual tours?


How long does it take to rent out a house?


What is your tenant criteria?


Can I find my own tenant?


What is a quality tenant?


Can I get out of the management agreement?


Can I get out of the lease with the tenant?


I want to make changes to your management agreement.


When do I get paid? Why do I not get paid until after the 10th?


Who keeps the late fees?


Will you inspect my property?


Can I inspect the property?


What if the tenant stops paying?


How much does an eviction cost?


What is Eviction Protection?


What do you do if the tenants ruin my property?


Why can’t I hold the security deposit?


Why don’t you have your own maintenance company? Wouldn’t it save me money?


Why can’t I clean the house myself?


Should I accept pets?


Do I need to provide a refrigerator?


Do I need to provide a washer and dryer?


Why isn’t it a good idea to leave my personal property at my own home?


Can I rent it furnished?


Do I need to finish repairs before you start showing it?


How long of a lease should we sign?


Should I consider a short-term lease?


How do you handle leasing commissions?


Why would I want a sign and flyer box?


What is the importance of flyers?


Why does each property seem to have their own phone number?


I don’t want a sign because I don’t want the existing tenants/neighbors to know the home is for rent.


Why is there a lockbox on my property?


Should I provide a gardener/yard care provider?


Why should I provide the pool guy?


Will you pay my mortgage, HOA dues, hazard insurance, property taxes, or other related property bills?


Madison Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. is a large company and I want personal service.


Do you sell homes too?


I want a property manager who specializes in property management, not sales.


Home Ownership Program


Why shouldn’t I manage the property myself?


Why do you hold the security deposit?


Can I do the repairs myself?


Do you offer rent concessions and incentives?


What happens if my tenant wants to break their lease?


Why should I give you reserve money?


What kind of software do you use?


What is the importance of virtual tours?


How do you market online?


Who is my main contact or property manager?


How do you use social media?


How do you use technology?


How do you prove your advertising is working?


How do I get my owner’s reports/statements?


How do I get paid?


Can a tenant stop paying rent if I don’t make my mortgage payments?


Why can’t I choose the type of tenant?


Why do I want a landlord’s insurance policy?


Can I sell my rental while the tenants still occupy the property?


The current rent does not cover my mortgage and/or other expenses.


I already have an existing tenant. Will you manage the property?


I want to change management companies, can I hire you?


Why can’t the tenant do their own repairs?


Why can’t you dip into the tenant’s security deposit to pay rent? I have a mortgage to pay.

Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently working on questions for this page. If you have a maintenance issue please do the following:

For Fire, Natural Gas, Natural Disasters or other true emergencies, call 911 First!

If this is an after-hours urgent maintenance item, please call our 24 hour emergency at 509-465-9052 and as soon as the greeting begins, press “1” or, you can dial 855.559.5525. Examples of urgent matters are active water flooding, sewage back-up, or anything you believe to be dangerous to your health that can’t wait until the next business day.

For faster non-urgent service, please submit your maintenance request through the Tenant portal. All non-urgent matters will be responded to within 48 hours.

Tenant FAQs

How do I know if a property is still available?


How do I apply for a rental?


What are your qualifications to rent?


Why do I need a co-signer?


Do you rent to students?


How long will it take to process my application?


When will I hear from you once I turn my application in to your office?


What if I have special circumstances that I need to tell you?


Is the owner willing to make modifications to the property to accommodate a handicap?


What is best method of communication during the application process?


Will you hold the property for me?


Why can’t I have a 2-year lease?


Is the rent negotiable?


When is my rent due and where can I pay my rent?


How much are late fees?


Why are the late fees so high?


Why are you charging me for serving a notice to pay rent?


What is a notice to pay rent or quit? (AKA 3-Day Pay or Vacate Notice)


Can I split my rent payment?


Can I pay my rent online?


Can I do online payments through your website?


How many keys do I get?


Why can’t the owner pay for the utilities?


How do I get help for a maintenance problem?


How long should I wait to hear back from someone regarding a maintenance problem?


What do I do in an emergency?


What am I responsible for maintaining?


Can I plant my own landscaping?


Can I make repairs and deduct them from my rent?


Do we have full access to the community/HOA services as a tenant?


Who pays the HOA fees?


Do I need approval to paint or change something in the home I am renting?


Do I need renter’s insurance?


I don’t want the owner to come in and do inspections.


What happens if I need to move before the end of my lease?


What do I do if I need to move out?


What happens if only one roommate wants to move out?


Can I sublease my apartment/rooms?


Why should I rent from your company?


How do I remove rust stains, to include my dishwasher?


How to remove blood from the carpet?


My garbage disposal is clogged.


How do I remove crayon stains from the carpet?


I have given my 30 days notice to move out, but I need to retract my 30 day notice, what am I suppose to do?


Do I have to turn in my keys to the office when I move out?


Can I use my security deposit as the last month’s rent?


Do I get any rent back if I move out early?


When I move out why can’t I clean the carpet myself?


I have given my 20 day notice, but I need an extra week to move out, what do I need to do?


Do you have a limit on the number of pets that are allowed at a property?


Why is the security deposit so high?


Is there any way to negotiate the deposit? Can the deposit be split up?


What do I have to do to get approval for cable/satellite installation?


When is my lease up?


What will my rent be if I go month to month after my initial lease?


How much will it cost me if I break my lease?


I am getting a new roommate do they have to apply?


How do I take someone off the lease?


How does a lease take over work?


When do I get my deposit back?


Can I be approved with bad credit?


Can I pay all of my rent in advance?


What are your criminal background standards?


I’m a recovering drug addict or alcoholic. Is that okay?


How much of an incentive do I get for renewing?


How much is the application fee?


Is the application fee refunded if I am denied?


What exactly does the co-signer have to do to be approved?


Can the co-signer be taken off the lease once we sign?


My online payment didn’t go through, am I late on rent if I pay by check?


Do you take Section 8 program vouchers?


What is an Assistance Animal?


My pet is an Assistance Animal. May I rent the property now?


I don’t get paid until the 10th and I’m calling to let you know it’s not my fault, do I still have to pay late fees?


I came to pay rent at 5:30 on the 4th and you were closed, why am I being charged late fees?


What are your occupancy standards?


My pet has passed away. Why do I still have to pay additional pet rent?


I’m going out of town and won’t be back until after the 5th. Can I make arrangements to pay my rent upon my return? If not, what do I do?


Is the owner allowed to sell this house?


What protection do I have that my rental won’t be foreclosed upon?


If the property goes into foreclosure, do I still have to pay my rent?


We have ants/roaches/spiders or other pests.

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Call or text us at (509) 465-9052 during business hours.

We guarantee that a team member will be on the other end to answer any questions you may have.

Free Rental Analysis

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RENT DUE: All rents are due on the first day of the month. Some of our leases have a grace period. Any rent not received by 5:00 PM on the last day of the grace period is considered late and will incur a late fee. Rents can be paid on line, mailed to us, or dropped off at our office. There is a secure mail slot on our front door where rents can be dropped off 24/7.

LATE RENT: Any rent not received by 5:00 PM on the last day of the grace period (if any) is late and a late fee of 5% will be charged. Personal checks are not accepted after the 5th of the month. If your rent is late it must be paid with a cashier’s check or money order (payable to Gordon Property Management) and must include the late fee.

BOUNCED CHECKS: If your check is returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds, or for any reason, you will be charged a retuned check fee of $40.00 PLUS the late fee of 5%. Replacement checks must be paid with a cashier’s check or money order and must include the NSF fee and the late fee. Personal checks will not be accepted by any tenant who has had two checks returned by the bank.

AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS: If you choose, you can arrange for an automatic payment with your bank. You can also make online rent payments via our Online Tenant Portal. Click here to PAY RENT ONLINE NOW.

MOVING OUT: You must give 30 days written notice of your intent to move out. Once we receive your notice we will send you a move out packet with information regarding the pre-move out inspection and cleaning instructions.

MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: All requests for maintenance and repairs must be made through the TENANT PORTAL. You must give us permission to use our keys for entry or you must be home to let the repair person in.

After business hours, evenings and weekends we can only accommodate emergency repairs which are generally limited to plumbing emergencies and you will have to be home to meet the repair person. For after hour emergencies please call the office (415 554-8812) and our answering service will be able to assist you.

PLUMBING: Gordon Property Management will cover the cost of most plumbing repairs, however you should be aware that we do not cover the costs of repairs that are due to a tenants’ negligence or lack of care.

GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Gordon Property Management will not pay to clear jammed or frozen garbage disposals. This is the most common type of maintenance request and is almost always caused by misuse or overuse of the garbage disposal. They are delicate machines and are not intended to grind up many kinds of foods or a large volume of food. Use the garbage disposal at your own risk!

LOCKOUTS: If you lock yourself out of your apartment you will have to call a locksmith at your own expense.

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE REQUESTS: For emergency repairs you may call the office (415) 554-8812 and then follow up by completing the form or logging into the portal.

After hour emergencies please call our answering service at (415) 554-8812.

Tenant Application Process

We offer a wide range of housing options in the Spokane, WA area including outlying communities and rural areas. Please see our current inventory below. We look forward to serving you!

To view our rental criteria, click on the “Apply Now” button for the property in which you are interested. Rental criteria and FAQ’s are on the first page.

Summary of Rental Qualifications and Application Process

Before Applying: Required Information
Government issued ID, 2 most recent pay stubs (or 2 years tax returns if self-employed), pet photo taken with the applicant (if applicable) and landlord contact info for last 3 years. All adults aged 18+ must apply and pay a $57 application fee.

Common Reasons to be Declined
Evictions, unpaid balances due to landlords and/or property management companies, credit score beneath 500, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references, criminal convictions for crimes against persons or property and recent bankruptcies. Unqualified occupants, pets and/or vehicles can also be a reason for decline. Learn more by reading the Terms of Application Agreement segment of our application.

Please be aware that Madison Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. does not accept comprehensive reusable (“portable”) tenant screening reports.

An emoji of a womanFirst & Last Name

Job Title


Contact Info


Download Sample Management Agreement

Photo of Eric Bessett Eric Bessett


Eric started his property management career with one of the area’s largest and most prestigious property management firms.  He specialized in large apartment complexes and managed portfolios in Spokane, WA and Kennewick, WA. Seeking to open his own business, he saw that the single family and small multi-family management space in Spokane was missing a high-touch, high-tech type of firm that delivered top-notch service and rapid response times.  He endeavors to continually improve the firm by utilizing technology and high-energy team members with a commitment to service in order to provide an exceptional client experience.

Always believing education and industry involvement is critical to the success of his clients, Eric is a current member of the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM), Past-President of the local NARPM chapter, a member of the Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM), a member and the immediate Past-President of Independent Brokers of Spokane (IB) and is a member of the Professional Development Committee at the Spokane Association of Realtors (SAR).

Eric is a certified Residential Management Professional (RMP) through NARPM and will be receiving his Master Property Manager (MPM) designation through NARPM in 2019.  This prestigious designation is held by less than 1% of real estate professionals.

In addition to his professional affiliations, Eric is a certified instructor with the Washington State Department of Licensing, Real Estate Division and has written and currently teaches a 3-Hour Continuing Education Credit / Clock Hour class titles Success Basics for Property Managers and Landlords.

Eric was born and raised in Ephrata, WA.  He attended Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, WA and received his B.A. in Education from Eastern Washington University.  He currently resides in northwest Spokane with his wife and two children. In his off time he enjoys conversations on current events, is a political junkie, loves to drive, is an obsessive reader and is a huge fan of stand-up comedy.  And of course… Go Zags!!! Go Eags!!! Go Cougs!!!

Fun Fact: Eric worked for a beekeeper in his youth and loves black jelly beans.

Photo of Candace LeachCandace Leach


Candace came to Madison Real Estate from a career in Transportation & Logistics and Counseling. She spent 3 years working for US Bank’s Transportation department in Portland, OR  where she managed a six state region and was responsible for coordination of moving the bank’s internal mall and customer checks. She took a quick 2.5 year break to work as a Corrections Counselor for Washington County’s Correctional system where she handled a caseload of 25-30 corrections residents. She created treatment plans and taught Cognitive skills courses. Candace then went to work with her brother at a same day courier logistics company, opening operations in FL, GA, TX, CA, WA and OR. She spent the next 10 years growing and managing this family business in California before deciding to move her family back to the Pacific Northwest. 

Candace is a licensed Broker and currently working on her certification to become a Residential Management Professional (RMP) through NARPM. She is also trained in teaching Cognitive Skills courses. 

Candace was raised in Ephrata, WA. She went on to play softball and graduate with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Puget Sound. She currently resides in Spokane Valley with her husband and son. In her off time she loves being outdoors, competing in triathlons, entertaining friends and family, working her Wildtree business and reading voraciously. 

Fun Fact: Candace served ice-cream to Bill Clinton’s secret service team while he had dinner above her shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Photo of Tara OstlindTara Ostlind


Phone: 509.209.9478

E-mail: Tara@MadisonSpokane.com

Tara came to Madison Real Estate & Property Management after working for 17 years as a Business Development Manager in Real Estate Title and Escrow here in Spokane.  Previously she worked as a Treatment Coordinator for an Orthodontist.

Tara is a licensed broker and has enjoyed the intricacies and challenges of the property management world.  Tara is a member of The Spokane-Eastern Washington Women’s Council of Realtors, Independent Brokers, Spokane Mortgage Lenders Association, Spokane Association of Realtors Communications Committee and a member of the GSI and Airway Heights Chamber.  

Tara was born and raised in Spokane and she loves the Pacific Northwest.  She has been married for 35 years and loves to camp at Priest Lake and Deer Lake.  She has one son who lives in Spokane and she is excited to become a Grandma for the first time in the near future.  In her free time she can be found near water in the summer and being a sports fan in the winter. Go Cougs…Go Hawks…Go Zags!

Fun Fact: Tara will always be the first one in the lake in the spring and the last in the lake in the fall.  The lake is her happy place!

Photo of Pam DibblePam Dibble


E-Mail: Pam@MadisonSpokane.com

Pam has a Degree in Business. She is also knowledgeable of Fair Housing Practices and RCW’s pertaining to property management.

Pam is from Missoula Montana. She worked in logistics at Sun Mountain Sports, a golf manufacturing company based in Missoula. During her spouse’s military career, she lived in Western Washington and Southern California and was employed as a school secretary. An employment opportunity brought her family to Spokane in 1997 where she worked in Social Services until joining the Madison Team in 2016. Pam spends her spare time with her family camping and fishing. She is also an avid knitter.

Fun Fact: Pam is a Star Wars and Harry Potter geek.

Photo of Erin YobErin Yob


E-mail: RedTeam@MadisonSpokane.com

Erin started her career with Madison in April of 2015 as the Receptionist and has taken on many different job titles through the years, including Executive Assistant, Transaction Coordinator, Maintenance Coordinator and now is the Property Manager for the Red Team.

Erin received her Real Estate License in May of 2017 and is the Secretary for the Board of Independent Brokers of Spokane, as well as a Member of NARPM. 

Erin was born and raised in Spokane and spends a lot of time at Priest Lake where her family has a cabin. She was recently engaged and plans to get married in May of 2020. Her and her Fiance own a triplex that they manage and remodel in their spare time. They also have two puppies (brother and sister) that keep them on their toes! Her and her pups LOVE to hike and take in the beauty of the PNW when life allows them the time to do so. She also loves reading epic fantasy books such as The Sword of Truth & The Wheel of Time series.

Erin attended Shadle Park High School where she played on the Varsity Soccer Team and was involved in the Running Start Program, which allowed her to attend Spokane Falls Community College and accumulate college credits while she was in High School. She attained her AA Degree from SFCC shortly after graduating from Shadle and transferred to EWU where she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Biology. 

Fun Fact: Erin and her Fiance named their doggos after characters from their favorite epic fantasy book series, The Wheel of Time. Their names are Perrin & Adora Aybara.

Photo of Brandy SmithBrandy Smith


E-mail: BlueTeam@MadisonSpokane.com

Brandy originally came to Madison Real Estate in 2013 where she started out as a Receptionist and a Field Agent. She has worked her way up in the property management field and is currently the Property Manager for the Blue Team. 

Brandy recently received her Real Estate License in March of 2019 and is excited to pursue further advancement opportunities in the industry.

Brandy was born and raised in Spokane, WA. She has one son who is currently in high school, and two new nieces that keep her pretty busy in her spare time. She enjoys hiking with her family and their chubby dog on the weekends, or spending as much time as possible relaxing at a family BBQ or by the lake. Prior to starting her career with Madison Real Estate, Brandy obtained her certification as a Veterinary Assistant, and has a degree in Environmental Sciences in progress. 

Fun Fact: Brandy has a twin sister.

Photo of Andrea VanEttenAndrea VanEtten


Andrea came to Madison Real Estate after working for a background screening company where she verified education and degrees for colleges and universities across the United States. 

She was born and raised in Spokane, WA and spent short periods of her younger years in Bonners Ferry, ID. After graduating high school from Joel E. Ferris High School in 2011 she quickly entered dental assisting school and graduated in May 2012. Once becoming a Registered Dental Assistant, she received a job offer from the dental office whom she did her externship with and picked up a second job as a barista. Eventually Andrea moved on from both jobs and became a  first-time mother to McKenna in 2015. After the birth of her first daughter she made the move to transition back into office work where she worked for a background screening company until going to work for Madison. In 2018 she had her second daughter, McKenleigh

Andrea is excited by the daily challenges of the property management field and loves every second of it! 

Fun Fact: Andrea has 7 tattoos which include a full sleeve on her right arm!

Photo of John WoodardJohn Woodard


Prior to joining the team at Madison, John served 22 years in the United States Air Force from 1987 – 2009 serving as a Security Forces member and later retrained as a C-17A loadmaster. At the end of his career, he held the position of Chief Loadmaster for his unit.

After retiring from the service, John and his wife moved to Hawaii where John worked as a government contractor and government civilian. After seven years, John and his wife moved to Spokane. He worked at salesman and warehouse associate before joining the Madison team. John is currently working toward his broker’s license. 

John was born in Fall River Mills, California and moved to Spokane, Washington around the age of eight. He graduated from Central Valley High School, married the love of his life, and entered the Air Force in August of 1987. He attended American Military University earning a B.A. in Transportation and Logistics Management. He furthered his education achieving a Master Certificate in Six Sigma through Villanova University.

John currently resides in Spokane Valley with is wife. He has a daughter who is currently serving with her husband in the Air Force. He is also a proud grandpa. John enjoys the outdoors in his off time, hunting, fishing and just being in nature. He also enjoys going to the drag races during major events.

Fun Fact: John loves peanut butter and prefers to make s’mores using peanut butter cups.

Photo of Kevin PlanteKevin Plante


While coming from a family that worked in property management in California, Kevin began his own career in property management with Madison Real Estate with a variety of jobs in his resume including construction, sales, food service, and transportation. He has attended Fair Housing Conferences here in Spokane the past three years in order to stay up to date on the ever-changing laws involved in property management and is consistently working to improve his knowledge and credibility.

 Kevin is originally from Pacifica, CA where he attended Terra Nova High school in 2008. He started his post High School education prior to graduating by enrolling in night classes at the local community college and began taking courses for recording and producing music immediately after graduating. However, his educational interests quickly changed to Psychology while he took classes at a variety of community colleges in the bay area. In 2015 there came a need for a change of location so he packed up what belongings he could fit in his car, and moved to Spokane to sleep on his cousin’s couch.

 Since then Kevin has embraced this town and is working diligently to “plant his roots” and make this town his home with his growing little family. He lives with his wonderful partner Sonia whom he met 6 months into living in Spokane along with her niece Eli, 2 dogs (little monsters) Stormy and Apollo, their Bearded Dragon Coco, and a little one of their own on the way. 

Fun Fact: I Am The White Glove Guy. (Also, I watch far too many cartoons).

Photo of Robert NormanRobert Norman


Prior to entering the world of Property Management, Robert worked several different jobs, wearing many different hats, including FedEx, a Correctional Officer for 5 years in Southern Arizona, many customer service driven jobs and even time in the Marine Corps. He attends yearly fair housing conferences to ensure he stays current and educated in Washington State landlord-tenant laws.

Robert is originally from Tucson, AZ, and immediately after graduating high school in 2005, joined the Marine Corps. After completing his school of infantry training he was stationed at Camp Pendleton with 3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment Kilo Co. Weapons Platoon. With his unit he did two deployments to Iraq, one in 2005-2006 to Habbaniyah and the second one 2007 to Haditha.

In 2012 Robert married his wife in Tucson, AZ while working as a Correctional Officer. They lived in Casa Grande, AZ until 2016 when a better job market, along with family members prompted Robert and his wife to move to Spokane. In October of 2016 they had their first child, their son Carson. In March of 2019 they had their second child, their daughter Zoë. 

Fun Fact: In May of 2019 Robert received his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Southern New Hampshire University.

Photo of Debbie Peak

Debbie Peak


Debbie began working in property management in Irvine, CA at Villageway Management. She started in their Secretarial Department where she assisted in the management of Homeowner Associations.  She was later promoted to Property Manager and oversaw a portfolio of 5 Associations. 15 years later she moved to Spokane and after a few jobs in other areas, made her way back to property management. In 2010, she joined Premiere Property Services assisting with their Homeowner Associations division.  Premiere’s rental portfolio was purchased by Madison Real Estate & Property Management, Inc, in January of 2016 and Debbie transitioned to her current role as Madison’s Document Coordinator. 

Debbie has attended the Inland Northwest Fair Housing Conference for 7 years and taken several property  management related classes in California.

Debbie was born in Oakland, CA, spent time in both Northern and Southern California growing up.  She lives here in Spokane with her 24 year old son, 2 year old grandson and 2 cats. 

Fun Fact: Debbie has a crazy fascination with all things related to serial killers…books, movies – she loves it all!  She also once sat in Prince’s purple limo in front of the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.

Photo of Emily SteinbornEmily Steinborn


Emily started her career in property management with Madison in October 2017. Before that she came from a background in banking and customer service. She graduated from Eastern Washington University in June 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Emily was born in Everett, WA and grew up around Arlington, WA where her parents still live today. She moved over to the East side for college and fell in love with the Spokane area! She currently lives in Spokane Valley with her boyfriend and their two cats.

Fun Fact:  Emily’s favorite genre of movie is horror – the scarier the better!

Photo of Amber PangbornAmber Pangborn


rior to Madison, Amber worked in various food service and customer service positions. She is currently a senior at Eastern Washington University working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. Amber was born and raised in Spokane, WA and has never moved away. She currently lives here with her fiance and their adopted English Bulldog mutt. Amber’s parents have a cabin on the Pend Oreille River, so she spends a lot of time over the summer up there fishing, swimming, and boating. She spends her free time doing photography, playing soccer on a coed rec team, hiking, camping, and taking part in restaurant trivia nights.

Fun Fact: Amber loves to travel and hopes to visit all 50 states.

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Photo of Jeff CookeJeff Cooke


Jeff came to Madison after being introduced to the world of Property Management while working for a vacation rental company. Born and raised in industrious Renton, Washington, Jeff has a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington. Throughout his varied career, Jeff has done everything from being Aqua Duck, the Spokane aquifer mascot, to making handmade wedding guest books, to installing internet hotspots across the nation. In his free time, Jeff likes to work on home improvement projects and refurbish vintage furniture. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing with his lovely wife, 3 crazy children, and 2 crazier dogs.

Fun Fact: Jeff’s favorite holiday treat is fruit cake.

Photo of Richard HartlandRichard Hartland


Richard has degrees in natural resource management and environmental sciences with a focus on fish and wildlife conservation. Before working here, he was a part of a dedicated team of scientists working to understand the ecological affects from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico during 2011.

Richard was born and raised in the United Kingdom, and after a career in the British Military as a Combat Medical Technician, he decided to travel the world before settling in the United States. He still travels extensively and is an avid backpacker and woodsman. He uses this love of travel and the outdoors to fuel his passion of landscape photography

Fun Fact: Richard loves to read and write, he has composed a few novels for his own entertainment and they are all in the horror genre.