“Your Professional Landlord”

We take pride in providing the best value to the hundreds of residential property owners who have entrusted their rental properties to our care and management since 1985.

Madison Property Management in Spokane manages single-family homes, multi-family units (duplex, triplex, etc), condos and townhomes — freeing rental owners from the ongoing time and hassle of:

  • Listing the property
  • Taking applications
  • Screening applicants
  • Showing the property
  • Collecting rent
  • Responding to tenant emergencies
  • Ongoing maintenance & repair
  • Inspecting, cleaning & repairing property after tenants move out
  • Determining whether to refund damage deposits and how much of it
  • Navigating the many state and federal laws governing landlords and tenants

It takes a variety of skills to properly manage rental property. We have an experienced team of people with expertise in:

  • Tenant screening & selection
  • Real estate marketing & sales
  • Home maintenance & repair
  • Landlord-tenant law

In addition to great people, we have invested in the latest technology and systems for listing properties, taking renter applications, processing payments, creating detailed reports, and more.

We can take the stress out of owning rental property. Contact us today.

“Beyond Thorough” Tenant Screening

Almost any landlord will screen for the basics – credit, criminal, employment & tenant history. Our “beyond thorough” tenant screening process helps weed out potential problem renters in order to select quality tenants for your property.

Not all potential tenants are truthful on their application. In fact, nationwide, it has been reported that one out of 3 rental applications contains either lies or omissions regarding the applicant’s rental history.

Some of the extra steps we take:

  • Cross-reference landlords listed on the application form with current tax base records to ensure the listed person/company actually owns the property.
  • Verify income.
  • Review social media sites.
  • Conduct a more in-depth credit and criminal history check.


Effective Marketing means properties rent more quickly

We know where and how to most effectively market your rental property to get results. In addition to rental listings on our Madison Property Management website, we routinely use more than two dozen online marketing channels to market available rental properties.

Our “self-tour” videos, photos and descriptions effectively present the unit’s selling points – jump-starting the application process and getting the rental filled quickly.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Income

Every day that your property is not rented is a loss of income to you. At Madison Property Management, we are able to minimize property downtime because of our:

  • Extensive advertising and marketing
  • Rapid cleaning & repair to return unit to rent-ready condition upon tenant move-out
  • Knowledge of the market that enables us to determine a competitive rental price
  • Online applications & payment systems for tenants
  • Quick yet thorough applicant screening

We also help our clients maximize their rental income by recommending market-competitive rental pricing and rent increases.

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Mitigate Your Risk

One of the biggest worries of owning rental property is navigating the ever-changing landlord tenant laws that differ in every state and cover everything from security deposits, to landlord access to rental property, to repairs, to dozens of other issues.

We are experts on these regulations, know how to correctly fill out paperwork, and negotiate effectively with tenants — helping owners avoid legal hassles.

These steps we take at Madison Property Management also help reduce liability:

  • complete an extensive and clearly written lease
  • ensure there is proper liability insurance
  • set the right damage deposits and rental agreements for the property, location and circumstances (pets, children, etc.)

Of course, the best defense is a good offense. Our “beyond thorough” tenant screening and prompt attention to maintenance and repair are important in maintaining good landlord-tenant relations.

We also have systems in place to provide ongoing monitoring of the rental property, with 24/7 live troubleshooting if there is an emergency requiring an immediate response in order to prevent or minimize damage to the property.

24/7 Phone Service

There’s no substitute for immediate access to a real human answering the phone when you have a concern or problem.

Madison Property Management’s 24/7 phone service means you no longer have to be available to your tenants when you could be relaxing, spending time with friends and family, working, traveling or getting a good night’s sleep.

Our availability to tenants promotes satisfaction – attracting and keeping good renters in your property. Plus, quick resolution of problems and effectively negotiating with tenants helps prevent legal issues and provides important documentation when they happen.

Quality Maintenance

We use reputable, licensed and insured vendors to provide repairs and maintenance for your rental property, ensuring quality workmanship at a fair price.

You will no longer need to spend time asking friends for recommendations, checking out vendors online, or taking the risk of using vendors for the first time.

Because we manage a portfolio of rental properties, we have created relationships with a wide variety of home repair and maintenance vendors. This means we are able to select the right person or company for the job, and it gives us negotiating strength for pricing and priority in scheduling.

Technology Improves Customer Service

Our investment in technology enables us to more effectively manage properties and provide more responsive service to both owners and tenants.

By utilizing one of the most advanced and powerful property management software applications available, we can securely access information about all properties at any time and from anywhere. Some other benefits of our system:

  • You are paid more quickly and securely.
  • We are able to use electronic payments (ACH) to deposit funds directly into your bank account.
  • Detailed monthly statements are easy to read and provide you with a snapshot of key information.
  • Monthly and year-end statements can be delivered to your email inbox, saving time and paper.
  • Electronic work orders are created to expedite communication and scheduling with vendors to more quickly resolve maintenance/repair issues.
  • Your properties can be more effectively marketed in order to fill vacancies sooner.


Please be aware that Madison Real Estate and Property Management, Inc. does not accept comprehensive reusable (“portable”) tenant screening reports.

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